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Closed training

STAGEMAN specializes in closed training sessions organized for groups from firms, academic groups, and for organizations. There can be 5 to 40 people in one group. It depends on the training topic and the location. Training courses may take place in a client’s conference hall (work place) or in one of our many locations all over the Europe. All topics are designed to meet our clients' expectations!

The topics available in our training sessions:

- Leisure time animation in tourism and the hotel business
- Leisure time animation in English
- Leisure time animation in Spanish
- Leisure time animation in German
- Leisure time animation in Czech
- Leisure time animation in Polish
- Sport animation
- Animated forms of music and dance
- Face paintings
- Balloon creation
- Pedagogy of fun with disabled children
- Mascots performances
- Psychology of events
- Dances for adults
- Mini Disco Dances for children

… and many other activities connected with leisure-time animation and events
We are the creator of this training and we employ the best trainers in Europe

Time and place of training sessions:

Our client can choose the time and place of a training session, as long as our coach is available for such dates. Try to reserve the dates as soon as possible, because our trainers are very popular and they are regularly hired. So the sooner the better. It is much easier for us to organize training sessions during the week (from Monday to Friday) rather than at the weekend, simply because weekends are often reserved two weeks ahead of time. The time and place of the training sessions should be decided in consultation with our coordinators, but we will do our best to choose a convenient term for our client.


Our instructors, coaches and leaders are eminent specialists in their areas. We only employ people who have not just theoretical knowledge but also a wide practical expierience. The carefully selected, trusted trainers we permanently cooperate with are the reason why STAGEMAN training programmes satisfy even the most demanding clients. You will find among our trainers: the most popular animator coach in Europe, one of the most famous psychologists in Europe, the youngest professor in Poland, and many others: salesmen, telemarketeers, animators, managers, vocalists, etc.


The price of a closed training session depends on many things. First of all, on the planned duration of the course. We can organize courses lasting from 1 to 40 hours depending on the client's needs. The price depends also on the location of the training (how much will the transport costs of our coach be). The price also depends on how many participants will take part in the training (how many materials  we have to send). Finally, the price depends on the topic of the training.


1. Contact with STAGEMAN coordinator
2. Define the conditions and booking dates
3. Payment for the training
4. Training
5. Evaluation of training
6. Consultation regarding further training and support

Possible valuation of the training:

1. Call or write to us
2. Decision if we can meet your needs.
3. Order the training

Contact details:
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