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STAGEMAN is the leader of leisure time animation in Central Europe, helping to change European tourism and enhancing the competitiveness of specific hotels, places and companies. Our cooperation with the Chamber of Tourism, the most important animation agencies in Europe, academic institutions, Tourist Diary and the largest centres of tourism, introducing animation to their business activities, gives us substantive tools for the 21st century in this area.

Who is coaching aimed at?

1. For people wanting to start their own company in the field of animation or events
2. For entrepreneurs who want to expand their services with animation or events
3. For passionate animators who want to make money in tourism, and do not know how to begin
4. For students who are seeking work in animation and events
5. For the unemployed who are looking for alternative profession


Jakub B. Bączek is the pioneer in leisure-time animation in Central Europe and, being the first to write about the subject, has written the following books – Women's volleyball (2005), The Animator's Handbook (2008), Leisure-time animation (2009), and Event psychology (2011) – together with a lot more publications in this field. He gained a Master's degree in pedagogy, physical education, and social work, but his main interests became psychology and animation. He holds training sessions all over Europe. People come from all over Europe to attend his sessions and his books are also very popular (Leisure-time animation is now in its 5th edition). He was an animator in: Majorca, Switzerland, Germany, Crete, Tunisia, Zakynthos, Turkey, and Jamaica, as well as many other places. He has undertaken work for TVN, Radio Zet and Neckermann. In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious title of  'Patron of Health' in recognition of his professional activities. He teaches at universities, advises tour operators and his work is published in newspapers such as: "Hotelarz" (Hotel Owners monthly), "Rynek Turystyczny" (Tourism Industry) or "Psychologia Biznesu" (Business Psychology). His training sessions are packed with passion and enthusiasm – as well as passing on his invaluable knowledge he ensures students receive a lot of energy and inspiration.


Our prices are adapted to individual conditions and the circumstances of the client. Ask, and you'll be surprised to discover that it's not a big expense. The effectiveness of our coaching is confirmed by numerous references and successes of our clients.

The process:

1. A conversation with our coordinator
2. Date of the first meeting (preferably Skype)
3. Meeting with one of our Coaches
4. Troubleshooting
5. Consultation, consecutive sessions, after-coaching support

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