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Amazing Mini Disco

STAGEMAN has published the "Amazing Mini Disco" CD! On it you will find, in one place, 20 of the most popular songs for kids played at international mini disco animation events. All the children and their parents know them! Of course, each song has a simple choreography which makes it easy for children to dance with the animators. more»

Leisure-Time Animation

STAGEMAN has published the "Leisure Time Animation" on e-book. Leisure time animation is a special division of tourism, dealing with the organization of people’s leisure time when on holiday. The animator is a person who plays with kids, organizes sports activities and presents evening shows for tourists. This is a XXI century service. You will find all the information about leisure time animation on our E-BOOK. more»

The animator's T-shirt

If you want to lead parties, festivals, children’s balls, discos or even karaoke, it is worth building your own professional image of the as an animator. We offer beautiful T-shirts with an ANIMATOR inscription at on the back. Wearing them you will stand out in a crowd of your clients, tourists, etc. All Stageman animators are obliged to wear such T-shirts during the most important training courses as well as events, so that our clients always know who to turn to in order to get the party started :) The T-shirts are the best quality products. Happy shopping! more»

A balloon pump

Blowing ordinary balloons is can be a little bit tiring but it is possible. However, when it comes to twisting oblong balloons, it is not so easy. If you want to blow them up, you need a good pump and we can offer you a perfect one for such a job. The pump blows in two different ways and can fill up a balloon, a toy or even an air bag immediately. more»

Balloons for shaping

Balloon shaping is for everyone who works with children. The ability to make a sword, a dog or a ladybird out of an oblong balloon will make children absolutely delighted. You can buy such balloons and take part in a balloon shaping training course! more»

Water balloons

Playing with water balloons is another form of animation fun. Not only children but also adults love it! You can find a wide range of water balloon games in Leisure Time Animation by Jakub B. Bączek (available also in an our online shop). Happy shopping! more»

Face painting

Another interesting element of leisure time animation is face painting. We have proven painting kits which are used by our animators on a daily basis. You can buy special anti-allergic and approved face markers from Stageman. more»

Animation Cloth

An animation cloth by Stageman is a useful tool for working with children and teenagers. Animation games including the cloth are very popular not only in kindergartens and schools but also at various events, firms’ campaigns and training courses. The colourful cloth is used for various integration games which are exhilarating and cheerful at the same time. The animation cloth is an indispensable attribute of the professional animator. more»