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Our training courses are conducted in a professional and modern way. We do our best to make students happy on the courses and help them to leave with a smile on their faces. Many people who attend the STAGEMAN training course say that our services are absolutely unique in the training market. The main reason is our charismatic trainers who do not let you get bored on the courses and provide inspiration for creative work. We encourage you to read the opinions of our students!

MARK, 22
If every teacher, instructor, etc. approached the teaching of people like Jakub B. Bączek, my country would be the power of the world. Very enthusiastic and motivating classes!

EVA, 27
I participated in this amazing training course. It exceeded my expectations. Dozens of interesting information given in a very accessible way, a lot of fun in good company I was  able to relax completely. Convince yourself! Battery charge guaranteed:)

JOHN, 19
I was  on a training course by STAGEMAN. I had fun with great people. I've never experienced so much energy and ingenuity in one place. I wish you all success in fulfilling the dreams and visions of animation! Yours!

I had the opportunity to participate in this training and I really recommend all the people to taking part in it. Much can be learned about an animator’s work using concrete examples, together with the desire to respond to all kinds of questions. The atmosphere is simply sensational. Many thanks once again because it was really great. I’m loaded with positive energy for at least another month. Greetings!

INGA, 33
Professional training led by Jakub. A lot of knowledge and practical information. All this is topped with an incredible dose of humor and fun. I recommend this training not only to people thinking about working as an animator, but also for those who are willing to break their own barriers, people working with children and those engaged in wide-ranging entertainment.

I have never been on such a course. Superb atmosphere (after a few minutes I felt like among friends), interesting activities, a great experience, not  theory, a lot of games, training materials, all this was cool. You'll want to work as an animator after the training!

ANNA, 25
First of all, lead - brilliant! Also the atmosphere, mutual kindness, smile, so that no one was afraid to go to the centre, lead a game or participate in it. Games were a heap of fun.

Jakub - positively zappy guy with a radiant smile and extraordinary optimism, charismatic and spontaneous animation enthusiast. The biggest thank you is for Jakub, for creating a unique atmosphere, providing theoretical and practical knowledge about working as an animator, and sharing his many-years of experience.

MIKE, 23
I'm very pleased with the course in my University. It was brilliant fun and great learning:) I recommended it to all!!!

I really, really, really have felt in love with animation. I participated in one course, but I've learned a lot and it has been totally great experience. That was a real pleasure to take part in this class with all these friendly people and - of course - our fantastic teacher. Method of teaching by experience has allowed me to keep great memories of the course's games. Absolutely recommend it.

SUE, 19
Course was fantastic! I will use all the games for sure! That was an unforgettable feeling!!!!!!! The leader was the best! He had a lot of power! I'll never forget this course. I recommend this course to everyone. This is more than fun!!! This is great experience!!!!!

KATE, 24
I will never forget the training! I strongly recommend it to everyone! Do not forget this weekend for a lifetime! Jakub gave us lots of information, knowledge and at the same time infecting enthusiasm and a smile:] A revelation!

Training sessions of this kind are held regularly, but it is worth finding out who leads them. The best teacher in this country and probably one of the best in the world is Jakub B. Bączek - this guy is so charismatic that if I had a sect, then I'd give him all the money :)

I thank the STAGEMAN company for the great training. I can use the games in my work with children. An unforgettable adventure, and many new acquaintances. I want more!