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Selected Clients

McDonald’s, Walt Disney, The Spanish Government, Carrefour, Coca-Cola, Castrol, Orange, Adidas, Endemol, Neckermann, Thomas Cook, Play, Ford, Greenpeace, Warner Bros., Auchan, Gdańsk City, KIA, Embassy of Israel, Wroclaw City and more...

We have  provided training and organized events for many major institutions and companies and we are proud to have amongst our clients:

- The Spanish Government (for whom we organized the promotion of the Canary Islands in Poland)

- Embassy of Slovakia (for whom we prepared  the promotion in Poland of the Poprad region)

- LOTTO (for which we have organized a series of events on the Polish coast)

- PLAY (for whom we organize promotional events in Poland)

- WALT DISNEY (for whom we introduced a new TV series with cyclic events)

... and hundreds of other highly-valued clients.

Now we are focusing on Polish hotels which, thanks to animation, can achieve multiple business objectives.