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The development of STAGEMAN training participants is our priority. As a result, our training courses inspire participants, teach them creativity, and encourage them to work on self development. We offer work at events and work as leisure-time animators. Through participation in our courses you have a chance to find your dream job. Some of our participants tell us their stories. We are waiting for you!

Karol: Once there was a day when I decided to be an animator – even if only for a holiday. I tried many times with many organizations, and then I found on the Internet a training course for leisure-time animators  led by Jakub B. Bączek. The  course showed  me what this job exactly is, and during that time I learnt many things such as dances, plays. After the training my cooperation with STAGEMAN  started, when one month later, during the casting, I was chosen to go to Grand Canary, and I had possibilities to work in theatre and work as a leisure-time animator. My cooperation with STAGEMAN has not  been very long yet, but every day it is becoming  more and more dynamic. I can certainly say that thanks to STAGEMAN I have found the best job I have ever dreamed of. I'm very grateful for amazing training and the chance which I received from STAGEMAN - who knows, maybe I will be also the trainer of animators in future!

Karol has completed the course:


Training for leisure time animators


Karol received a job from STAGEMAN:



Gran Canaria / SPAIN



Poznań / POLAND


Just Fly

Rodos / GREECE


Studio Pantomimy Body Art Fusion

Poznań / POLAND


Sandra: My adventure  started in November 2011. I was looking for something dealing with dance – my passion. I thought that it can be good idea to complete  the STAGEMAN training. So why not  try it? That's how I get to know the world of leisure-time animation. About three months later I went to Warsaw to the casting, I  qualified  for the next stages, and I went to Egypt. Since that trip the best adventure in  my life has started. This trip has changed everything. I am sure that I can’t describe  what I experienced there, words are too small. I  met wonderful people, my friends, people similar to me – cheerful and crazy in a positive way (I just thought there was  something wrong with me;) ). That was a beautiful time for me, I have a million amazing memories  I have discovered my second great passion –  leisure time animation. I am happy now. All my current  decisions prove that it is worth it too, I am on the right path. Leisure-time animation joins all  the things I love: dance, smile, and people. Now I have a new dream. I hope my animation adventure never ends.

Sandra has completed the course:


Training for leisure time animators


Sandra received a job from STAGEMAN:

Kids animator

Hammamet / TUNISIA


Agnes: One year  later, in September 2011, I took part in an animator's training and my adventure with STAGEMAN began. Just two years before that I was interested in an animator job, when I saw leisure-time animators in hotels abroad during my holidays. My first thought was: “It is certainly something for me!”. I remember  the training for animators  as one of the best weekends in  my life. Everything I owe to Paweł Cieślak who  led the training. Thanks to animation I learnt how to make new acquaintances. Now I have achieved mastery in that. As a result I have found wonderful friends. The first proposal I received was reason  why my  most secret dreams  have come true. A five months animation contract in Egypt. What else to expect from life, when I have got everything from STAGEMAN? Animation is my real passion. I want to  take part in more and more  opportunities and meet   many more crazy people. I have a plan to work for STAGEMAN for some years. Adventure with STAGEMAN has changed  my life for the better. I owe animation not only many wonderful friends but also… a marvellous  figure! Thanks, of course, to a lot of laughing. Interesting experiences, good possibilities for the future I owe to  STAGEMAN, and I will always say “thank you” for all of that.

Agnes has completed the course:


Training for leisure time animators


Agnes received a job from STAGEMAN:


Sun & Fun Holidays

Hurghada / EGYPT


Martin: My adventure with STAGEMAN started  in January 2012 when my friend told me about a leisure-time animator job. When the training for animators took place I had my examination session but I felt I have to do  my best to work as an animator in the future. After the training for animators  led by Joanna Gradomska, I knew that it was  surely something for me. After the training I found myself creative, spontaneous and being able to perform on a stage. I was invited to take part in the casting in Warsaw by STAGEMAN, and I accepted it with  pleasure. Unexpectedly I  qualified to the next stage. After that they proposed going to  Egypt for  additional training and to work as a Team Leader. All my dreams have come true. Work with wonderful people, adventure, and very good work opportunities  for the holiday time as well. Before I worked in a  cinema, hotel, I worked as a waiter in clubs, I also worked  in Italy, but I had  never felt personal fulfilment, but I can feel it now working as an animator! Modern dance and playing in  the theatre were always my passions and now I can develop my skills. I am the year representative so I can test my skills of being a leader. I would like to work  with STAGEMAN many more times because they assure very good and safe work conditions. Thanks to STAGEMAN I have many new possibilities and I hope for a career as a leisure time animator.

Martin has completed the course:


Training for leisure time animators


Martin received a job from STAGEMAN:


Team leader of animators

Alanya / TURKEY


Kate: My adventure with STAGEMAN started straight after the training for leisure-time animators. Just two weeks later I became Regional Stageman Coordinator. Thanks to the cooperation with the best coach in Europe, animator, and wonderful man, Jakub B. Bączek, I had a chance to present myself and test myself in the role of animator and Coordinator. Thanks to Jakub B. Bączek I have learnt many practical things as well. In spite of total  lack of plastic skills, now I can paint on a face and on a body very well, and I can make amazing shapes with balloons. What is more I have met many interesting people, and I have hard but satisfying  work. It makes me  feel fulfilled. I recommend  everybody to take part in STAGEMAN training courses for leisure time animators, I am sure that will change your life for the better, as it has changed mine.

Kate has completed the course:


Training for leisure time animators


Kate received a job from STAGEMAN:


Katowice, Kraków / POLAND



Zakopane / POLAND



Władysławowo / POLAND



Wielkopolska, Śląsk, Mazowsze / POLAND


Walt Disney

Warszawa, Wrocław, Katowice, Poznań / POLAND


Hill & Knowlton

Katowice / POLAND