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Training for leisure-time Animators

The training offered by STAGEMAN provides the best opportunity to start a new career and to learn the necessary practical skills. If you want to learn how to run mini disco dances, games, fun activities and shows together with everything you need to know about being an animator, then come and enjoy the only practical training in central Europe, prepared by the specialist in this field.

This training has been specially devised to teach you all the information and skills that you will need to become a successful animator. This isn't an easy profession – it requires a lot of skills and energy. This isn't an easy profession – it requires both skills and energy. The good news is – we can teach you the skills – you provide the energy.

In addition to the training you will also receive ready-made programmes for animation activities which you can use everywhere as often as you like. This training is very real, hands-on, practical training. We avoid theory and get you 'doing' right from the start. You will be perfectly equipped to use these ideas in real situations. You will learn through taking part in games, shows and fun activities, and you will develop the knowledge and confidence to become a professional animator.

Our Trainer:

Jakub B. Bączek is the pioneer in leisure-time animation in Poland and, being the first to write about the subject, has written the following books – Women's volleyball (2005), The Animator's Handbook (2008), Leisure-time animation (2009), and Event psychology (2011) – together with a lot more publications in this field. He gained a Master's degree in pedagogy, physical education, and social work, but his main interests became psychology and animation. He holds training sessions all over Europe. People come from all over Europe to attend his sessions and his books are also very popular (Leisure-time animation is now in its 5th edition). He was an animator in: Majorca, Switzerland, Germany, Crete, Tunisia, Zakynthos, Turkey, and Jamaica, as well as many other places. He has undertaken work for TVN, Radio Zet and Neckermann. In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious title of  'Patron of Health' in recognition of his professional activities. He teaches at universities, advises tour operators and his work is published in newspapers such as: "Hotelarz" (Hotel Owners monthly), "Rynek Turystyczny" (Tourism Industry) or "Psychologia Biznesu" (Business Psychology). His training sessions are packed with passion and enthusiasm – as well as passing on his invaluable knowledge he ensures students receive a lot of energy and inspiration.

Training Programme:

1. Leisure time animation – introduction of the theory
1.1.            What is leisure time animation all about?
1.2.            What makes the perfect animator?
1.3.            How much can an animator earn?
1.4.            How to find a job?
1.5.            What are the requirements?
1.6.            What functions does animation perform?
1.7.            What types of animation are there?
1.8.            What does a day look like?
1.9.            What are the differences between Polish and foreign animation?

2. Sports entertaining
2.1.            How do we plan sports events?
2.2.            How do we prepare sports events?
2.3.            How do we hold sports events?
2.4.            What are the most popular sports used in animation programmes?
2.5.            How do we referee sports activities?
2.6.            How do we deal with accidents?
2.7.            How do we create teams?
2.8.            How do we conduct sport activities safely?
2.9.            How do we get guests involved in sports activites?

3. Public relations in leisure-time animation
3.1.            What is PR?
3.2.            How do we use PR in animation?
3.3.            How do we build relations with hotel guests?
3.4.            How do we build relations with hotel staff?
3.5.            How should animation be presented?

4. Self-image workshops
4.1.            What should we wear at work?
4.2.            How should we behave at work?
4.3.            How can we use body-language?
4.4.            How should you speak to guests?
4.5.            How do we behave on stage?
4.6.            How do we hold and use the microphone?
4.7.            How do we invite guests to take part in animation?
4.8.            What are the perceptions of us as animators?
4.9.            How do we deal with foreign language challenges?

5. Kids and teens animation
5.1.            What are the characteristics of children?
5.2.            How do we run activities for kids?
5.4.            How should we speak with children?
5.5.            How do we conduct kids’ activities safely?
5.6.            How do we handle difficult groups?
5.7.            What things must you be aware of?
5.8.            How do we run activities for teenagers?
5.9.            How do we get teenagers involved in animation?

6. Anti-stress training for animators
6.1.            What is stress?
6.2.            What are the signs of stress?
6.3.            How do we combat stress?
6.4.            How can we cope with feeling homesick?
6.4.            How should we handle difficult clients?

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Price: £ 79
Included in the price is:

a) 8 hours with an experienced trainer
b) materials needed for the training session
c) certificate in English and the language of the country where the training is held
d) a copy of Jakub B. Bączek's book
e) a discount voucher for the next training sessions
f) current job offers in hotel animation

Benefits of our training:

- You will understand the mechanism of working with children, teens and adults
- You will take part in games and animation activities
- You will understand the psychology of working with people
- You will meet new creative people
- You will find out how to conduct group activities
- You will learn how to (act as a) compere
- You will have the chance to sign a contract with the biggest animation companies in the world

Training Dates and Venues:

- We regularly organise training sessions in Austria (Vienna, Innsbruck etc):
- We regularly organise training sessions in Poland (Warsaw, Katowice etc):
- We can provide training sessions anywhere in Europe for groups of minimum 10 people

Five reasons to sign up today:

1. Our training sessions are delivered by the best animators in central Europe - animators with a vast practical experience
2. We are recommended by Jakub B. Bączek, the Polish Chamber of Tourism and Tourism Daily
3. We teach specific dances and games for every occasion.
4. The certificate you will get from STAGEMAN will give you the opportunity to work in animation all over the world
5. Places for our training sessions are limited – first come, first served!

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