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TVP 1: Interview with Jakub B. Bączek

STAGEMAN is the leader of leisure time animation in Europe. We published one of the first books in Europe about animation and we have since made several publications in this field. more»

TVP 2: TV about STAGEMAN book

We provide practical and creative animation workshops which are envied throughout the industry. Our actions are endorsed by the Polish Chamber of Tourism, the Tourism Journal and Jakub B. Bączek who is considered to be the leading expert on leisure-time animation in Europe. more»

Polsat News: About animation with our Trainer

Amongst our clients are companies such as Neckermann, Play, Walt Disney, Castrol, Lotto, TVP 1, Thomas Cook - we have also cooperated with the Government of Spain and the Embassy of Slovakia. Now we have a service dedicated to hotels abroad to help them achieve a competitive advantage. more»

TVP 1: Event Mascots by STAGEMAN in TV

After success in Majorca, Jamaica, Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Germany and Switzerland, STAGEMAN now offers a professional service of leisure-time animation in Europe: from the best animator training sessions in Europe, to organizing modern and creative animation in hotels. more»

Glamour: "We reccommend STAGEMAN"

Our experience in creating and organizing events also contributes to the success of the company. Our Event Managers have worked on four continents, organizing media, PR and entertainment events. more»

Gentelman: The article about us

We organize both small and large scale events. Our experience and contacts with the media mean events prepared by STAGEMAN meet the highest requirements of our clients, leading to on-going business relationships with many of them. We take care of every detail. more»